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General Questions

Questions About Our Pool Mosaics

Questions about Installation

General Questions

Where are you located?
We are located at:

Art of Pools
4581 Weston Road
Weston, FL US

Where do you ship from?
We ship our pool mosaics out of South Florida, using UPS

How long do products take to ship?
Generally, If you place an order before 1:00PM EST, your mosaics will be shipped out the same day.

Are there any special offers?
When there are, we list any current promotions on our home page.
We also update users on our promotions using our Blog and Facebook.

Can you make a pool mosaic from my design?
Yes! We currently allow you to submit a request for a custom mosaic based off of your own designs or ideas.
Just go to the page Custom Mosaic Request to start the process.

Questions About Our Pool Mosaics

What is the difference between Porcelain and Ceramic mosaics?
Please refer to the article titled Ceramic and Porcelain Mosaics to learn more about each type of mosaic tile.

What are shadows?
Shadows add another dimension to our mosaics, adding to the already impeccable realism offered by both our ceramic and porcelain pool mosaics.

Which pool mosaic is best for me?
Deciding on which mosaic is right for your pool is a simple process. Both Porcelain and Ceramic tile mosaics are suited for nearly any pool. We do however recommend Porcelain tile if your pool freezes.
Read the article titled Ceramic and Porcelain Mosaics to further help you make the decision on which pool mosaic is best for you.

How thick are the pool mosaics?
All pool mosaics are 3/8 inch thick.

What if my pool freezes?
If your pool freezes, we recommend the use of porcelain tile.

Which mosaic is best for salt water pools?
Both Porcelain and Ceramic mosaics are suited for salt water pools.

How long do these pool mosaics last?
We guarantee all of our mosaics for the life of your pool finish.

Questions about Installation

Who should install my mosaics?
We recommend that a professional install your mosaics. This can be your tile setter, or even your pool builder.

When is the best time to install mosaics?
The best time for mosaics to be installed is before the pool gets surfaced. Talk to your pool builder and they will help plan the process.

Can you install mosaics after your pool is finished?
Yes, but it depends on your pool builder. Some pool builders are capable of installing the mosaics by recessing them in the pool finish.

What thinset is recommended for Porcelain?
We recommend the use of latex modified thinset.

Do you sell the materials required for installation?
We do not, but they may be purchased from your local tile dealer and home centers. If your builder or tile setter is doing the job, they should have all of the supplies necessary.